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Denim adventures with a white rabbit.


My ink sketch of a white rabbit – introduced in a post last week – is now pictured here, on a brooch, pinned to the pocket of my cropped denim jacket.

R-B wear 1Cred

How, you might ask?

Some characters simply have a way of assuming a life of their own – they won’t stay down the rabbit hole, between the pages of a book!

And this fellow, with his quizzical eyebrows, is no different. Originally hand painted with brush & ink, he’s been digitally scanned and designed by me for fabric printing on organic cotton with a lovely soft sheen; sewn on the sewing machine given to me by my Gran; hand embroidered with sky blue cotton; stuffed with a wisp of pillow stuffing, and lastly had a pin secured with thread to his back.

So he’s been through a bit of adventure already – and will no doubt be stepping out in Spring with the denim jacket or a sky-blue cardy!


©Annmarie Scott, 2016


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