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Imperfect copy in a large comfy chair.

On a cold day, a long way from home, we’d found an enticing shopfront window. With its secondhand collection arranged on an oak sideboard – books – there and nestled beside, in the arms of a large comfy chair. The children peered over the sill, pointing to a chalkboard behind, offering oatcake and hot tea. But I’d noticed Roald Dahl – sitting apart, there on the chair with the other books.

The door bell jangled as we entered. Then before the turn of a page, we were seated in the window nook, just behind the sideboard – with a perfect view of the street, oatcake, tea and our imperfect copy of ‘The BFG’.


‘Someone else’s Santa sticker…’

Someone else’s Santa sticker embellished the inside cover and two pounds-fifty had been penned at the top of the first page, but neither mattered. My other half began reading that story aloud to the kids – there and then, until whispers, smiles and giggles bundled us back out onto the street.


P9210333.JPG – Version 2

back out on the street – unfinished oatcake in paper bag

That book has been read many times since, along with our other favourite Roald Dahl tales – and always with voices.

©Annmarie Scott, 2016


Today is Roald Dahl Day. September 13 marks 100 years since the Author’s birth. If you’ve never read a Roald Dahl book, find one and start now. And read it out loud – yes, even if you’re the only person in the room – you won’t be the first, or even the last, to laugh and cry along with his characters.


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