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The Waiting Branch.

photo of ink sketch of bird and nest in open sketch book| ©Annmarie Scott 2016

Waiting he sits camouflaged – still as the paperbark branch. The nest – a handful of twigs – looks like it’ll blow away in the first Spring storm.

Frogmouth owl on nest| Annmarie Scott 2016

Waiting in the neighbouring tree, her feathers ruffle in the breeze – eyes snap open – watching. A silent sentinel outside my window.

Watchful Tawny Frogmouth|female Frogmouth|© Annmarie Scott 2016


tawny frogmouth (love that name)

So excited the other day, when I discovered this pair of tawny frogmouths in front yard trees – wildlife on the edge of suburbia. Now that I know their nest is there, I can watch and wait too – from the desk I’m sitting at as I type this Post.

I’m sure this pair will work their way into illustrations – indeed Sketch Book Friday is coming!

Shared in response to The Daily Post prompt: waiting.



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