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Making tiny things.

Miniature shadow box|Jack and the beanstalk ©Annmarie Scott 2016

What is so alluring about tiny things? I’ve found myself repeatedly making them, and drawing them – literally, as thumbnail sketches. But why?

thumbnail sketches|illustration process|©Annmarie Scott 2016


Perhaps it’s the portability – you can put tiny things in your pocket. Or, it’s that they don’t take up much space on a shelf – indeed you have to look twice to find a tiny object there.

Or, is it for miserly conservation of precious art materials – tiny sketches don’t use much paper do they?

Perhaps, it’s the wow factor. Like, “wow…how did you fold that tiny origami duck?”

making Alice brooch ©Annmarie Scott 2016|www.papercloudsky.Etsy.comPerhaps the miniature size of an object requires a little needed time-out. Time out of the hurley burly rush of life – time to make, or to simply study and wonder.

To imagine a different point of view – another extraordinary world, like Jack climbing the beanstalk – a story where the every day is turned on its head and a boy in the clouds is no bigger than the heel of a giant’s shoe.

©Annmarie Scott 2016


Miniature shadow box|Jack and the beanstalk ©Annmarie Scott 2016

Jack & the beanstalk – miniature shadow box illustration ©Annmarie Scott 2016

What’s your favourite tiny story, or book character?

This post was written in response to The Daily Post prompt: tiny


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