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The Giant seems friendlier.

Roald Dahl books|The BFG illustrated by Quentin Blake

The term illustration is used a lot. And it can mean different things to different people – across the spectrum of visual arts.

So what is an illustration?

For me, an illustration accompanies words or text. Often this requires a series of images – like an animation storyboard, a cartoon strip, a graphic novel, or a book. An illustration can convey a mood, set a scene, introduce a character, clarify a set of instructions, enrich a narrative.

I think a common thread – with these above mentioned forms of illustration – is a focus on, or intent to communicate beyond the literal, to add levels of meaning.

Think about re-reading a book that you haven’t read for a long while. Will you connect with the story, or the pictures in the same way? It’s been sitting there on the shelf for years – the book hasn’t altered – but your perception…your observation may have.

Roald Dahl books|The BFG illustrated by Quentin Blake

Perhaps the Giant seems friendlier than when you last heard the tale. Then, you were so busy hiding under the rug as your father read the book out loud to you, that you didn’t notice the gentle smile on his illustrated face; or the way he held the tiny girl in front of his face, as if breathing a sweet memory. And those ears – simply marvellous for listening!

©Annmarie Scott 2016

Written in response to The Daily Post prompt: giant

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