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Sketch Book Friday – drawing birds

photo of ink sketch of bird and nest in open sketch book| ©Annmarie Scott 2016

So why draw birds, or other back yard wildlife you may encounter?
This kind of ‘life’ sketching is an exercise in observation – getting to know an unfamiliar subject. It’s a challenge – like the changing light. And like the wind blowing your paper, birds and wildlife move – constantly adjusting your point of view.

Pencil sketch|profile of Tawny Frogmouth bird on branch

This kind of drawing requires an amount of simplification – a kind of spontaneous editing of lines before the pen or pencil contacts the page. And the more you practice sketching your subject, the more intuitive simplification becomes.

From the outset, you are there to observe – to filter visual information, keeping the important bits because you haven’t time for the rest – to see your subject as a series of shapes and quick lines. And perhaps…if you’re lucky, you may capture a little of it’s essence on paper.

ink, line sketch|profile of Tawny frogmouth bird on a branch|©Annmarie Scott 2016

©Annmarie Scott 2016


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