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Sketch Book Friday – Bush Wreath

Wreath made from dried palm fronds, gum leaves, gum nuts, bark.

Today, pencil marks in my sketch book remain incomplete – interrupted by heat and watering of plants in the yard. I notice dried gum leaves on the browning lawn, gum nuts, a handful of curled bark – flotsam of the first Summer storm – and remember a vacant hook by the front door. Before I know it, I’m pulling a half-shed palm branch from its nearby trunk – making an Australian bush wreath.

When the wreath is hung, I step back and smile – seeing this nest-like collection of branches and leaves that I have tied – bandaged together with torn cloth strips. A reflection perhaps of the empty nest – one week on from the fledging of two Tawny Frogmouths I’ve watched and observed since hatching.

Only, this wreath isn’t empty is it? For a bit of bush life, and to mark the changing of the season, I’ve added an illustrated fabric ornament. It’s printed with a sketch – an illustration of my own mythical Australian animal – somehow, antlers sit well on the festive kin of wombats.

Australian bush wreath|illustrated fabric wombat ornament ©Annmarie Scott 2016

Fabric ornament & illustrated fabric ©Annmarie Scott 2016 –

You might like to make your own bush wreath – dried or green – see what you can find in your yard after a summer storm.

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