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Cat sitting haiku

seaside window view of ocean bay and headland| sea and twilight sunset through window

Last post I was Bird Lady with everyday super powers – eyes watchful as a Currawong capturing nature, life, pattern, texture – with a zoom lens and click of the shutter. Today I am Cat Lady and the everyday I observe, photograph, sketch – the everyday of my haiku below – is a day of Summer. My day cat sitting in a purr-fect bay window by the sea.

cat sitting on chair looking out open glass door

Cat Sitting –

haiku in three lines of text with three photos, by Annmarie Scott 2017

Lady with glasses looking at ocean bay through window|twilight silhouette

sketch book open on chair a drawing of cat asleep on same chair|Annmarie Scott 2017

Two tea mugs on window sill with ocean view|one white mug one fish pattern mug

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