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Sketch Book Friday – process

character and text lines on a page|design positional

Today, photos of two pencil drawings. Each with a different purpose – each a step towards print ready, finished art for a children’s literature poem – at different stages of my illustration process.

The first photograph depicts a thumbnail sketch – combining layout and my initial spark of a visual idea. Here I’m focussing on the position of elements – the illustrative content and the text for a single page layout – both are intertwined. For the illustrations on the page, I’m focussing on characters and what they are doing – suggesting facial expressions – and any other important visual items.

Often, I’ll highlight what I consider important elements with clarifying arrows and notes, because my ideas sketches are quick – mostly a reminder to myself – simply getting the idea down on paper.

The second photograph also depicts the child from the thumbnail sketch in the first photo. Design and position on the paper are not important – here I’m focussing on rendering the child and reliant on reference pictures I have in my own photographic library.

I shoot a lot of photos – subjects, people, animals, landscapes, flora and fauna – images taken from different points of view that might be useful in an illustration one day. Often they will be a starting point for a rough – often they are insufficient. In order to achieve a specific outcome for an illustration, I will go out and re-draw from life; visit locations; or arrange a new photo shoot. At times I have created a three dimensional model as a reference for drawing – but that’s another story.

graphite pencil drawing outlining girl kneeling with books
This drawing is a step towards another rough – an actual size rough that will be closer to the intended style of the finished art, which for this illustration may return to a style somewhere between the rough and the referenced.

©Annmarie Scott 2017

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