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art media and brush and ink profile of smiling girl and heart

Postcard love!

Above photograph: inking faces – for a new series of illustrations for art prints & cards. While yesterday – February the 14th – was a day set aside to send messages of love and friendship to our near and dear. It may also serve as a reminder to pause and make note of other days – other moments of celebration that occur throughout the year. If you love sending and receiving snail mail – keep a set of blank art cards or postcards in your top drawer – for those personal hand written notes and messages any day. Whether they end up archived as personal history in a shoe box, pinned on a cork board, or popped in a frame as art to enjoy every day – postcard love is real. So take a little time-out from the hurly burly rush of daily life – to pencil or pen a few thoughtful words; write a letter; or indeed let the illustration on a card say it all and simply sign your name. In a world …

Sketching whiting - brush and ink - ©Annmarie Scott 2016

Sketch book Friday, on Saturday.

Sketchbook Friday has this week become Saturday – on holidays – where the only ‘on-line’ activity is a fish on a hook. Bream and whiting are on the table – and here on paper. The development of an artwork may begin (as above) by sketching on more than one sheet of paper, with more than one medium, allowing play with the position of elements and the expressive qualities of line. More fish are on the sketch book menu, with brush and ink – I am after the looser style for this piece. ©Annmarie Scott 2016