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yellow wildflowers|Brisbane bush| ©Annmarie Scott 2016

Spring walk with white rabbit – 2

The Eucalypts – shedding their winter coats – are a contrast to evergreen gardens in classic Wonderland illustrations. Yet here we meet the white rabbit from my denim jacket, again ready to accompany me on a Spring walk in the Australian bush. With rabbit in one hand and an eye to my camera lens I am mindful – shrinking or growing in size. Comparison between tiny and tall -telescoping my viewpoint from delicate wildflowers… …to a pair of cockatoos high in the canopy branches. I hear their echoing cries. Mindful of the moment, the living detail of colour, of light – often passed by with intent on the activity of walking. ©Annmarie Scott 2016 Related reading – Previous white rabbit post  The white rabbit brooch in this Spring adventure, may be found at PaperCloudSky