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leather-look spine of book with others and pencil on shelf

Sketch Book Friday – Abandon!

I once bought the perfect artist’s sketch book – with a black leather-look cover and wonderful thick, acid-free pages. But when I unwrapped it and set it carefully on my art desk it would not work. Every time I opened the book blank pages stared at me – expressionless and fixedly white – until I closed its cover and placed it neatly on my shelf. There it observed life for a year or two, while I sketched happily on any other paper. Only when its spell had faded somewhat, did I open it again. Even then, I had to coax it into action by beginning journal style. On the first blank page, I washi-taped a smudged 2b thumbnail sketch (something I’d prepared earlier) on a ripped-edge scrap of lined foolscap. On the second blank page I taped a post-it note drawing of a smiling face. By the third page my drawings had escaped the additional scraps and sticky-notes – spreading outwards over the pages of that sketch book. Perhaps the hurdle was my conditioned love of …

face silhouette and window ocean view photo montage with illustrated clouds and home logo


Welcome to my online illustration home – a window with an ever changing view of story. From the world of Children’s Books to small batch reproduction of illustrations for my Etsy shop PaperCloudSky and related topics inbetween – I’ll be writing and posting about it here. Everyday illustrated life – from inspirations and sketches to the function and story of illustration beyond the page Visit PaperCloudSky for Limited Edition archival art prints, cards, fabric.  

seaside cottage empty chair and view looking out through bay window

Sketch Book Friday – Summer

On Summer holidays, during time spent without wi-fi – in contrast to bay window views of a windswept coastline with dolphins in the waves beyond the dunes – I found myself cat watching. A ball of contentment, my feline host made it clear that chair sitting (on velvet upholstery) was her everyday super power – and who could argue? Instead, I chose one of half a dozen vinyl perches. Then lulled by sounds of the sea, the cry of gulls and purring – I started to sketch. So, what is a sketch? Using my own super powers of observation, I picked up a ballpoint pen and began with those closed eyes and an amazing number of whiskers – referencing them and her nose. I positioned her ears; sketched the shape of her cheeks which lead to her tail tucked-in under her chin, there with her paws. After that, another flurry of light pen lines to suggest her overall shape, and I was back where I’d started. But it doesn’t end there! When does a sketch become a …

Sketching whiting - brush and ink - ©Annmarie Scott 2016

Sketch book Friday, on Saturday.

Sketchbook Friday has this week become Saturday – on holidays – where the only ‘on-line’ activity is a fish on a hook. Bream and whiting are on the table – and here on paper. The development of an artwork may begin (as above) by sketching on more than one sheet of paper, with more than one medium, allowing play with the position of elements and the expressive qualities of line. More fish are on the sketch book menu, with brush and ink – I am after the looser style for this piece. ©Annmarie Scott 2016