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Read Me|Tropical Alice Strawberries giclee print illustration © Annmarie Scott 2016

Visual Feast.

An illustration, may be more than a visual feast – when devoured with the words of a story. In this case Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Caroll offers hints and clues – visual cues, that lead to insights and new interpretations. Read me! Between the pages of a book, where it is always time for tea – who is holding the key to this tropical wonderland feast? ©Annmarie Scott, 2016. Read more about the illustrated Alice print (pictured above) here. And view more of my illustrations here.

Imperfect copy in a large comfy chair.

On a cold day, a long way from home, we’d found an enticing shopfront window. With its secondhand collection arranged on an oak sideboard – books – there and nestled beside, in the arms of a large comfy chair. The children peered over the sill, pointing to a chalkboard behind, offering oatcake and hot tea. But I’d noticed Roald Dahl – sitting apart, there on the chair with the other books. The door bell jangled as we entered. Then before the turn of a page, we were seated in the window nook, just behind the sideboard – with a perfect view of the street, oatcake, tea and our imperfect copy of ‘The BFG’. Someone else’s Santa sticker embellished the inside cover and two pounds-fifty had been penned at the top of the first page, but neither mattered. My other half began reading that story aloud to the kids – there and then, until whispers, smiles and giggles bundled us back out onto the street.   That book has been read many times since, along with our other favourite Roald Dahl tales – and always …