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face silhouette and window ocean view photo montage with illustrated clouds and home logo


Welcome to my online illustration home – a window with an ever changing view of story. From the world of Children’s Books to small batch reproduction of illustrations for my Etsy shop PaperCloudSky and related topics inbetween – I’ll be writing and posting about it here. Everyday illustrated life – from inspirations and sketches to the function and story of illustration beyond the page Visit PaperCloudSky for Limited Edition archival art prints, cards, fabric.  

photo of ink sketch of bird and nest in open sketch book| ©Annmarie Scott 2016

One or two?

A pair of Spring Tawnies last appeared in my Post The Waiting Branch when I discovered them in front yard trees. Tawny Frogmouths are often overlooked or unseen because of their branch-like camouflage and ability to stay still. So it is a privilege and a delight to find this pair – to observe their quietly steadfast nature, their watchful protection. And wonder, how many eggs are in that nest – one or two? Insulated from the growing heat, the first Spring storm by an owl-like bird “more closely related to nightjars”. The larger, slightly russet male roosts daily on their nest – a handful of sticks resting on the flat fork of a branch in a paperbark tree, only four to five metres off the ground. The female – a silent sentinel – perches on one of a few favourite branches in a neighbouring tree . I have watched the nest since its discovery and in the fourth week have been rewarded with the sight of a chick – like a cloud of fluff with a beak and an eye. Photographed below, mimicking Dad – tucked low under the Tawny’s wing, …